In 2024, Clarendon Hills commemorates a significant milestone—the 100th anniversary of its establishment, acclaimed as the “Volunteer Village”. Beginning this April, the village is set to offer an array of events and activities, celebrating the rich heritage of Clarendon Hills. Refer to page 25 for a glimpse of what’s in store, and stay tuned for more updates as the year unfolds.

The invaluable contributions of the Wellness House have been sustained by the Courtyard consignment shop in downtown Hinsdale, which has notably raised $5.3 million over its 33-year history. Our feature acknowledges Sheila Botti, Nancy Keenan, and Kathy Ryan for their pioneering efforts, and now shines a light on Jamie Ott, Tami Carstensen, and Deb Cassidy, who are set to uphold this tradition, supported by dedicated volunteer Leif Johnson.

Hinsdale has garnered statewide recognition for its impressive high school sports teams at Hinsdale Central, a testament to the talent, coaching, and enduring tradition. The remarkable journey of Daniel Orozco and his sister Riley exemplifies the dedication required for success. Daniel’s diligent training and his sister’s assistance in refining his long-range shooting skills have shaped him into a remarkably accurate shooter. Despite his senior team’s current .500 record, Daniel continues to relish his role in the team, maintaining a high level of play while his younger sister, honing her own skills, is emerging as a promising player.

For those familiar with late-night TV news in Chicago, the name Allison Rosati is synonymous with excellence. Anna Hughes delves into the untold story of Allison, capturing the essence of her remarkable journey and why she has been a perennial favorite over the years.

For 64 years, the naming of the Evans Scholars has consistently been an uplifting highlight in local sports. The Western Golf Association, in partnership with Charles “Chick” Evans Jr., established the Evans Scholars Foundation to grant full tuition and housing scholarships to exceptional caddies. Learn about their remarkable journeys and the profound impact on their families in the feature story, “Right On Course”.

Another remarkable sports narrative awaits! Discover the compelling story of Stan Mikita, revered as one of the greatest players in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks, and how he played a role in establishing a hockey school for deaf players.

Acts of generosity take diverse forms. For instance, the Chicago Auto Show annually channels its fundraising efforts through First Look for Charity, benefitting up to 18 local charities. This tradition continued this year, bolstering crucial initiatives without exception.

The Mend a Heart Foundation, dedicated to supporting children born with congenital heart defects, recently hosted its Heartfest fundraiser, with 100% of the proceeds directly aiding promising medical research, providing scholarships for heart kids to attend survivor camps, and facilitating high school cardiac screenings in the Chicago area.

In a heartwarming display of community support, Misericordia organized paddle ball tournaments, yielding an impressive $75,000 to assist children and adults with developmental disabilities.

In a thrilling development, local talent has made a breakthrough into the big leagues! Gain exclusive insights into Ronan Kristufek’s remarkable journey as he embarks on a tour with Lord of the Dance. Prior to setting out on this journey, he graciously shared his experiences with Maureen Callahan, reflecting on his transformative path from the OMG School of Irish Dance in Westmont. Not only is he showcasing his talent on tour, but he’s also giving back by teaching at the very place where his passion for dance ignited.

Lastly, a friendly heads-up: brace yourselves, as the cicadas are poised to make their presence felt! Indeed, we are bracing for dual invasions this spring and summer—a rare occurrence not witnessed since 1803. Be sure to heed the advice from the Morton Arboretum, as managing this double onslaught will warrant extra caution this year.

We hope you enjoy the stories and please let us know how we’re doing!

Scott Jonlich, Publisher
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