Above: Gana Raman, Sandy Loeser, Ruth Proctor, Jim Czeszewski, Rosemarie Lowery, Jen Coyte, chuck Castello, Daniel Jacquez, Taji Clark, Ginny Leamy, Diane Karpman

United For The Community

By Scott Jonlich and Larry Atseff | Photos by Victor Hilitski

On October 17, well over 50 Elmhurst Realtors gathered at Beer on the Wall to see each other in person for the first time in months.

As one of the meeting organizers, Paula Pezza, put it, “After 33 years in the real estate industry, I still love what I do, and I see how important it is to communicate and work together with other realtors for the benefit of our clients.”

Fellow organizer Ginny Leamy said, “Elmhurst Realtors are an amazing group of professionals. Technology has made some parts of real estate easier, but relationships and face-to-face engagement can’t be replaced by technology. We were excited to get a group of us of this size, together.”

Sue Hoerster, another organizer, added, “Relationships are an integral part of our job as Realtors, both with our clients and broker to broker. Staying in contact with the real estate professional on the other side of the table, along with treating them with courtesy and professionalism goes a long way toward building a solid reputation in the business.”

Left: Stan Karcz (musician) Mary White ( walking into bar) , Ruth Proctor, Chuck Castello, Sue Hoerster, GInny Leamy, Brent Terry
Abve: Beer On The Wall bartenders Colin & Luke made sure everyone was enjoying the event.
Left to right:Carrie Pikulik, Jen Cronin Geiger, Sheila Wright, Jen Goodale, Jill Giorno, Amy Schiller, Tom Makinney, Anne Thompson
Event organizers (L-R) left Sue Hoerster, Paula Pezza, and Ginny Leamy.


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